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24 September 2020 18:00Zoom

Feedback-  Growing greater together

The CodePub Berlin is back from summer vacation and kick-starts the new season with a great and important topic- feedback.

Giving but also receiving feedback is not easy. In an ideal situation (at work or in private life) we care for each other and help all our colleagues to the opportunity to reach their full potential through feedback, caring instead of controlling. Giving feedback can be really hard, and receiving feedback in a constructive way is even harder. Why is that? How can we do it right? At this event we will make a deep dive into this topic having three great women, who not only enlighten us with personal stories but will also give a hands-on workshop that will leave us with a great toolbox. 

You will receive a link to the call shortly before the event to join the evening :)

18:00 | Welcome Online! 

18:10 | Inspirational talk - Feedback culture (Elissa Fontaine)

    18:20 | Workshop - Giving & receiving feedback (Franziska & Anna)

    19:20 | Q&A


    Anna Mei Habitzreuter

    Anna Mei is our go-to person when it comes to personal development and organizational behavior at Netlight. She has a background in business administration and worked as a researcher in the area of behavioral science prior to starting her role in the Learning and Development program at Netlight. An advocate for environments that encourage sharing and cultivating personal connections, she is passionate about teaching because she sees it as an ongoing learning process. One of the values that Anna Mei tries to live by everyday is to be able to touch peoples’ lives in a positive way.

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    Franziska Kaschub
    Extrernal Speaker

    Franziska has a background in psychology and applies her knowledge in the organizational context. She is specialized in collaboration, (self)leadership and resilience. As a trainer for flight crews, she is experienced in developing high performance teams and leaders that share a passion. Her vision is to support employees in creating a work environment that they love everyday. With her sense of humor and a deep interest in every single individual, she enables personal growth and experience in her trainings and coachings.

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    Who are we?

    THE CODE PUB is an international meet-up for women who want to learn more about IT and open for beginners as well as professionals. Our goal is to create a platform where one can BE INSPIRED AND INSPIRE OTHERS while BECOMING A BETTER DEVELOPER.

    The Code Pub was created by Netlight in the spring of 2013 with the purpose of increasing the number of women in the IT industry. By lowering the threshold for getting started with programming and highlighting female role models within IT, we believe that we can make a difference. In order to have a bigger impact on the entire industry we work together with other cool IT companies and they will be hosting occasional The Code Pub meet-ups.

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